Pneumatic Seals

Rod, Piston, Static and Compact Seals Yimai Sealing Solutions supplies a number of seals, wear rings and scrapers / wipers specifically engineered for pneumatic applications, where cylinders and valves are actuated by air. Pneumatic seals operate in dynamic applications, often at high speeds, generally with rotary or reciprocating motions.
  • Pneumatic Seals EM

    Pneumatic Seals EM

    Two functions – sealed and dust-proof all in one.
    Minimum space requirements meet safe availability and ideal profile finish.
    Simple structure, efficient manufacturing technology.
    The EM type piston rod seal/dust ring can also be used in dry/oil-free air after initial lubrication due to the special geometry of the seal and dust lip plus the special material.
    Due to functional lip optimization adjustment use its smooth running.
    As the components are composed of a single polymer material, there is no corrosion.

  • Pneumatic Seals EL

    Pneumatic Seals EL

    The dual function of sealing and dustproof is accomplished by a seal.
    Reduce processing cost, easy storage. Maximize space savings
    Grooves are easy to machinate, thus reducing costs.
    No additional axial adjustment is required.
    The special design of sealing lip ensures smooth and stable operation.
    Because the material is polymer elastomer, thus will not rust, corrosion.

  • Pneumatic Seals Z8 are a type of lip Seals

    Pneumatic Seals Z8 are a type of lip Seals

    Small installation groove, good sealing performance.
    The operation is very stable due to the geometry of the sealing lip that holds the lubrication film best, and due to the use of rubber materials that have proved suitable on pneumatic equipment.
    Small structure, so static and dynamic friction is very low.
    Suitable for dry air and oil-free air, initial lubrication during assembly plays an important role in long working life.
    Lip seal structure ensures proper function.
    Easy to fit in sealed groove.
    It is also suitable for cushioning cylinders.

  • Pneumatic Seals DP is a double U-shaped seal

    Pneumatic Seals DP is a double U-shaped seal

    Can be easily fixed on the piston rod without additional sealing requirements.
    It can be started immediately because of the ventilation slot
    Due to the geometry of the sealing lip, the lubrication film can be maintained, so the friction is small and the operation is smooth.
    Can be used for lubricating air containing oil and oil free air