Reasons affecting the use of Y-seals

Reasons affecting the use of Y-seals

Y-type seal is also a classification of seal ring, because its cross-sectional shape is Y-shaped, so it is called Y-type seal. It is a typical lip-shaped seal, which is used in a large number of reciprocating devices and has a longer life than O-ring.

Y-type seal and the mounting surface to have the appropriate pressure, the local pressure of the mounting surface must be concentrated pressure distribution, sealing performance will improve. Seal compression force increases with the pressure of the medium, and decreases with the reduction of pressure.

Hydraulic cylinder seal, reciprocating motion of the piston seal due to the different amount of leakage, the seal between the fluid pressure rise, the formation of a twisting effect in the movement, it will cause local or whole circle twisting of the y-seal, damage the seal, loss of sealing performance.
Machinery in reciprocating motion, y-type seals between the two seals to form trapped oil and generate back pressure, will squeeze the low pressure side seals into the gap.


Post time: Mar-04-2023