What is the routine maintenance of floating oil seal?

The use of any equipment, the service life is our more concerned about the issue, because its service life is directly related to work efficiency, for floating oil seals, although the quality is very good, long-term use will inevitably be damaged, so pay more attention to the maintenance of floating oil seals.

1. Starting from the raw materials of floating oil seal, if it is used in harsh environments such as high temperature, the suitable materials are selected under low temperature conditions, and the service life must be very short. Therefore, it is very important to choose materials reasonably according to the application situation.

2. At the beginning, the maintenance of the floating oil seal is only carried out on the equipment, but to support the equipment, make the equipment and its accessories out of contact with the ground, clean the surface of the equipment, especially the appearance of the floating oil seal accessories, and remove the soil and foreign matter attached to it.

3. Starting with the working medium of the floating oil seal, if the medium is improperly selected, it will inevitably strengthen the corrosion of the floating oil seal and accelerate the damage to the floating oil seal. Therefore, the reasonable choice of working medium is particularly important.

4. After the hot oil pump stops running, it can not immediately stop cooling, especially the cooling water of the oil cavity and the end s


Post time: Jan-05-2024